In 1966 Dr. Ernesto P. Mañá, thoracic surgeon, and Mr. Luis R. Mañá, an engineering student – current President and Vice President of TECME – teamed up to research and develop mechanical ventilators, in order to assist the pulmonary ventilation of patients who suffered certain types of respiratory failure.

By using prototypes in experimental animals, the Mañá brothers were able to confirm the use of their ventilators on human beings. The first prototype was successfully tested in a patient treated at the Department of Surgery at the College of Tuberculosis and Thoracic Diseases of the National University of Córdoba. Since then, efforts were aimed towards the improvement of the first ventilator model.

In 1967 the D-III was manufactured in a small batch, followed by the D-IV model; both ventilators were pressure-cycled. In 1970, TECME developed the D-VI, which was manufactured until 1977. This model was a volumetric ventilator, which represented a major milestone for its time.
Following the evolution of the ventilators manufactured by TECME, models 877, 910, 980 and 900 (all volume-cycled) were developed alongside additional accessories such as Carbon Dioxide absorbers for anesthesia and Air-oxygen Mixers.
After ten years of continuous research, in 1997 the Graph generation of ventilators was developed. The Graph models were microprocessor-controlled and led to the further development of the GraphNet series.

The GraphNet model was released in 2008. Three years later, after extensive research, design and development, the new line of the touch-screen ventilators GraphNet advance, neo and ts neo were released.

The development of the ventilators manufactured by TECME is a result of company-based research and technology.

Since 2000 TECME has a Quality Management System with an ISO 9001 certificate issued by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and an ISO 13485 certification for medical devices, which was issued in 2003.

Additionally, the Graph and GraphNet ventilators have been awarded the CE Mark from the European Community and are FDA approved.

For all of the above, TECME is known in over 50 countries and its ventilators are preferred in most hospitals and medical facilities around the globe.