Our evolution is thanks to the joint efforts and commitment of excellent professionals willing to share their knowledge and experiences to train both distributors and medical professionals. Our training programs are supported by the highest quality standards to ensure safety and efficiency in the implementation of our ventilators.

We offer training sessions to:

Distributors: On product, installation, maintenance, commercial and services.

  • They take place in our Headquarters and on-site throughout the world to meet all needs.
  • They are scheduled.

Physician: On product and hospital maintenance.

  • They take place in our Headquarters and in hospitals
  • Training on demand. The physician can contact our post-sales service department to request a specific training.
  • Trainings can be through face-to-face seminars or online education. Both trainings are performed by our specialized team of engineers
  • Online education: short trainings through the WebEx platform. WebEx combines presentations and sharing files with voice, HD video and new virtual meeting spaces. WebEx allows providing customized training on our Neumovent ventilators